Siebel 4238

201 N Goodwin Ave

Urbana, IL 61801

I’m a PhD candidate within the I-ACOMA research group focusing on novel hardware-software co-designs. More specifically, I study the behavior of various managed-language virtual machines (VMs) and propose hardware and software changes to improve their execution.

In the past I have studied many VM implementations for JavaScript (V8, JavaScript), Java (HotSpot, Maxine), and Swift.

In my most recent research, I explore how best to expose emerging Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) technologies to programmers while maintaining an enticing balance of performance, correctness, and programmability.

Currently, I am also working for Arm. In the past, I have worked with their NVM research team to improve hardware support for emerging NVM application. Presently, I am working with the Open Source Software team to improve the AArch64 port of Substrate VM, a new runtime/framework for Java.